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Bangles And Bags Owner Susan

Susan’s Song and Dance

Hey Ladies! Susan here. Thanks for checking out our website! It all began a few years ago when I was visiting my father in Florida. We came upon an accessory store that was jam packed with delighted women carrying baskets laden with their precious treasures. Armed with an Agriculture Economics degree I decided right then and there that I could open a similar store in my home town of Delafield. I’ve been many things in my life – a meat saleswoman, a waitress, a house-flipper, -but I had never worked in accessories. My husband, Roger, and I opened our first store in the back of a hamburger stand in Delafield – not withstanding ketchup fingers and the occasional upended ice cream cone, it was a wild success. We now have three locations across southeastern Wisconsin.


Knowing that price was important I vowed to make my personally selected baubles affordable and fun – none of this talking about great prices and then not coming through in the end. Come and check out the fabulous prices we have on our sensational jewelry, handbags, scarves and many other accessories!


In addition to owning Bangles & Bags I have two daughters. I figured I would open a store and teach them about business, and to show them that a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to! My daughters worked at my stores in all functions along with a bevy of my sisters, nieces, and the occasional nephew. While shopping at our ridiculously fun events you may see my handsome husband serving wine (he is infamous for once asking a customer if they preferred light or dark wine).


Owning a small business has been an adventure that has taken me all over the country on buying trips but also has given me a window inside the community. From making industrial amounts of chili for the Oconomowoc Chili Fest to scouring flea markets for taxidermy, to receiving panicked calls from employees about bats and bumblebees that have snuck into the stores (hey, they want to look fab too!) to getting to know our customers, owning Bangles & Bags has been a thrilling ride. I am so fortunate to be a part of your lives, and I am very, very thankful to each and every one of you.


I would be completely amiss if I failed to mention my capable three managers. Katie oversees Oconomowoc, Margo manages the Lake Geneva location and our newest Galena store is managed by Kailey! Their support and skills are invaluable. You will find that the entire Bangles & Bags team is a happy bunch ready to help you with your shopping needs. Hope to see you soon!